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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Kentucky Pirate

Couple days ago I just happened to Google the words "Kentucky" and "pirate", because the little voices in my head told me to and I always do what the little voices say. And as usual, they're right again: I stumbled upon a youtube video demonstrating the construction of a concoction called a Kentucky Pirate.

I'd never heard of the thing, but evidently it's popular in Las Vegas. It's master bartender Jerry Vargas' spin-off of the Imperial Fizz and is said to be a big tradition at this upscale Vegas bar called the Sidebar. To whit:

1 slice diced muddled cucumber
1 bar spoon sugar
1 oz. Jim Beam
1/2 oz. Sailor Jerry rum
1/4 oz. Domaine de Canton
1 splash soda
1 slice cucumber for garnish

I'm definitely intrigued by the recipe, and not just because Kentucky and pirates are two subjects near and dear to my ventricles. I haven't made this drink yet, but I plan to, and will likely replace the Sailor Jerry with Kraken, or perhaps forgo the spiced rum and go for the clean clear lucid sharpness of Ten Cane. Maybe even Cachaca to add a Brazilian element. And though Vargas suggests Jim Beam instead of a higher-end bourbon because it's gonna get lost in the mix anyway, I will still probably stubbornly use something a little higher up the trough than Beam. (What can I say, I'm a snob.) I don't keep the ginger liqueur Domaine de Canton around the house, but I do keep fresh ginger root for my daily smoothies made in the juicerator of the official JSH research kitchens.

I'm mentioning this drink here now rather than later, because I probably won't get around to making it until after the Fourth of July, and a little birdie (okay, it's a duck, actually) tells me that you ain't gonna have JSH to kick around anymore after July 4, so if you want that one last kick you'd better make it quick. More on that in the days to come.

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