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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Don't Get Jägerbombed

One of the stupidest pasttimes in all of drunkitude is the growing practice of mixing alcohol with caffeine, which is a little like mixing oil and water. (Just ask BP about that.)

As Wikipedia notes:

The effects of a Jägerbomb are held to be different from those of other alcoholic drinks. This is attributed to the fact that the energy drink has a stimulating effect upon the central nervous system, whereas the alcohol has a depressing effect. Consequently, some of the effects of intoxication are masked.

Right. So, uh, if you're in a bar spending your hard-earned bucks on booze, why on Earth would you want to choose a drink with which the effects of intoxication are masked?! Save your money and just don't drink, if that's the case!

And according to FOX News:

Caffeine and alcohol can be a deadly mix. The rising popularity of mixed drinks like the "Jager Bomb" (Jagermeister and Red Bull) or the self-explanatory "Vodka and Red Bull" has worrying implications for road safety, research shows.

The problem stems from consuming a stimulant alongside an intoxicant, which clinical studies have shown can reduce the perception of being drunk but not the impairment.

I don't even know why people find "energy drinks" so appealing anyway, but to ruin perfectly good Jägermeister is even more ridiculous and even more of a crime.